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The Road to Publishing a Book

Hi everyone! I live in Vermont now, just down the block from Cheryl. I’m thrilled to be here and we have lots of time to work together on exciting projects. Right now, the big project we’re collaborating on is getting

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Entangled Magazine July 2012

Read Donna Druchunas’ interview with Cheryl Potter, founder of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn and author of the new fantasy, knitting trilogy Potluck Yarn. Entangled Magazine in an online magazine only, the reader is available through iTunes and subscriptions in-app.

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Fireworks on the Fourth!


The Knitting Witches light their fireworks, only not for the 4th of July. Aubergine gathered the small handful of crystals in her bare hands. They glowed through the cracks formed between her fingers by her swollen knuckles. The colored shards

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