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Around and around and around we go…

This week we’re featuring tutorials on purling for both Continental and English knitters for the brim of your hat. Ribbing is the stretchiest knitted fabric, and perfect for a warm, comfy watch cap. We’ll also look at tips for knitting

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Winner of the Potluck Yarn Kit!

We have a winner from our book design voting contest! Julie has won her choice of the Potluck Yarn kits from The Broken Circle companion pattern book. She will be receiving the details of how to claim her prize privately

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Let’s Cast On!

Buy ePatterns | Yarn kits This is the way my grandmother taught me to cast on. I’ve since learned many other ways, but I always use this technique unless I have a special reason to use a different cast on.

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Potluck Hats Knit Along: Getting Started!

Buy ePatterns | Yarn kits Are you ready to get started with the Potluck Hats Knit Along? I hope that by now, most of you have received your kits in the mail. If you’re outside the USA, it could take

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Welcome To Potluck Yarn

Buy Now | Broken Circle Yarn Kits | ePatterns | Supersock Store |  Knit Along Potluck Yarn Trilogy Book One The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches By Cheryl Potter This fall is an exciting time for fans who have long awaited Book One of the

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Thoughts about Publishing

We’ve been busy around here, but Cheryl’s been in England to celebrate her birthday! In the meantime, we’ve been working on our plans for the ebook version of The Broken Circle, looking at ideas for the design of the interior

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