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How to Get the Special Offer Code for Tonight’s New Year’s Eve Sale


Don’t Miss Out! Register Now! (Click Here) The 15th Annual Cherry Tree Hill January Sale starts just before midnight tonight, Eastern Time! That means you people on the West Coast only have to wait until 9 pm! Except for advance

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What Do Knitting Witches Do on Holidays?


During the holidays, knitting witches often find time to assess their personal stashes which may have grown throughout the year. They may find that they have duplicates or triplicates of the exact same yarn of fiber. It may be time

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Cherry Tree Hill January Sale Update

get out of sale free

If you are going to join the knitting witches for the annual Cherry Tree Hill New Year’s Sale, register at Potluck Yarn now at It increases your chances of getting the Get Out of Sale Free card, given out

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Home For The Holidays


This week Cheryl and her family are spending time at their cabin in the National Forest of Arizona while she works on the final book of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, which will be called Crystal Keep. Cheryl recalls finishing Book Two:  Secrets

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We’re Handpainting Roving Just for You!


This year the knitting witches are offering half pound bags of handpainted roving in the Cherry Tree Hill January Sale. Each is an unbroken piece painted on a Louet base of breed specific fibers. You can choose from Cotswold, Shetland

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Why the Free Goodie Bags?


We are often asked why there are always 200 Free Goodie Bags for the first 200 customers who help kick off the Cherry Tree Hill January Sale. It’s not so much the free goodies — which are nice themselves —

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