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Behold the Gorgeous Pi Shawl!

The fabulous Sharon Mooney has finished another fabulous design for the Lavish Lace sequel, Amazing Lace! And I just have to say that this Pi shawl is gorgeous! Sharon sent me these photos last night and I’ve been having a

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Wheat’s full name is Winter Wheat and she is a mystical shepherdess who hails from the Western Highlands. Even as a girl wandering the high plains, she was known as a sheep whisperer, an enchantress who kenned all creatures by

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Sally Holt Takes On Broadband!

Last spring, while Cheryl and I were collaborating on another project, she showed me a test sample of a new dye technique she was experimenting with. It made for very long (60 yards or so) of constant color before changing

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Live Radio Talk Show on Creative Mojo

We’ve just heard from Mark Lipinski who does a fiber arts related radio talk show and podcast every Wednesday. He is scheduling Cheryl for an interview to talk about her two new books, The Broken Circle and Lavish Wednesday, March

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Carbon Monoxide Scare


Last night our smoke alarm went off just as we were eating dinner about 7 pm. It is a combination fire alarm/ carbon monoxide detector and the voice was warning of high carbon levels. There was nothing cooking and we

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Broken Circle Book Tour–Last Day!

Cheryl spent the last day of the Broken Circle Book Tour at Ada Harris Elementary with groups of 5th and 6th graders in their beautiful open library space, discussing how back story and suspension of disbelief are valuable to writers

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