A California Adventure

One of the things that I’m most thankful for in my line of work is all the travelling I do. I swear some days it feels like I don’t spend more than 2 weeks in one place, but I’ve always had itchy feet, and the fact that I get to see sights all around the world is something that I am extremely grateful for. All of these trips stay in my memory and make me the person that I am, each trip a piece that is stitched into my soul, much like each scrap of fabric that makes up a quilt. For example I will never forget the amazing adventures I had in Peru last year. The sights, sounds, and smells will always be entrenched in my memory and I honestly cannot wait to travel back again.

Last week I hopped on a plane again, this time headed to sunny California! Which was a nice change after the huge ice storm and sub-zero weather we suffered only weeks before in northern Vermont.

This trip included setting up a fun booth at TNNA, a fashion show, and a book signing!

The view we woke up to was absolutely gorgeous! Seeing the city in one direction and the bay in another is definitely allowed me to wake up with a smile!

The beautiful bay!

The beautiful bay!


The city is equally as beautiful!

The city is equally as beautiful!

Then it was time for TNNA! I love going to TNNA every year – it’s so exciting to be able to see old friends, meet new yarn lovers, and to surround myself with some of the most fabulous yarn and supplies that can be found!

photo 3.3

Our booth at TNNA! Lots of yarn = lots of fun!

The fashion show is always a favorite of mine – and this year the Knitting Witch garments were featured in the show! One thing that many people were surprised about is that you can buy the Potluck Yarn Kits at our shop, making it easy to create a garment in the comfort of your own home!

photo 4,1

Strutting her stuff!

She took over the runway!

She took over the runway!


Of course, for me, the behind-the-scenes tour is always fun as well! Seeing how they put together the show is simply amazing as there is so much to do in order to pull off a fashion show!

photo 2.3

Right after TNNA started to disband I headed out for a book signing! I adore book signings. Being able to speak with people who have read and love the book, face-to-face, is like nothing else in the world. Sharing the Knitting Witches with the world is one thing – being able to discuss them with readers is another! Fans are so passionate about the characters from the book and I love it! All of the advanced tickets were sold out, which is an author’s dream!


So great to see a line of people waiting to sign!


I am very fortunate to have such an amazing life, and with lots of book signings to look forward to in February, and many school functions that have been set up where I’ll teach either writing or knitting in conjunction with the books (or both!) I’m looking forward to more travel and much more time surrounded by the Knitting Witches!

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