A Very Witchy Halloween

We all know that the Potluck Witches aren’t your typical witches. Stereotypical witches, with the warts on the noses and the high pitched cackles, have recently given way in society to the more earthly-bound witches, which is much more like the type of witches that the Potluck Witches are. But one thing the Witches do love is Halloween!

Many people don’t know that Halloween is based on All Hallow’s Eve. It was a day of celebration, when the families and ancestors left behind paid homage to those who had passed on. A day when the dead could, potentially, cross the veil of the worlds in order to come back to Earth, if for only an evening. Now a days Halloween is a time when candy and scares have surpassed myth and magic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own magic, even if it’s only in a photograph!


But how did we do this? It’s actually very easy! To do this type of shot all you need is:

  • A camera that allows you to leave the shutter open for at least 15 seconds
  • A tripod
  • A sparkler
  • Some jack-o-lanterns!

Set up your pumpkins the way you’d like them and get them lit up. Take your camera and set it on your tripod. You need the tripod because the shutter will be open for a long amount of time, and any shaking will cause the picture to be very blurry. If you don’t have a tripod, make sure you have a firm surface to set the camera on. Get your camera set to leave the shutter open for around 15 seconds and then click the shutter open and quickly light the sparkler and make the “2013″ – if you don’t want to have to edit the photo you’ll need to remember to write it backwards! Then sit still and wait until the shutter closes and voila! You have a fantastically magic photo to cherish!

Note: it’s a lot easier to do this if you have two people :D

I’d love to see your jack-o-lantern photos!!

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