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If you have read, or will soon read, Secrets of the Lost Caves, please send us your design ideas (garments mentioned in the book, or what you envision used in the book) and WIN! Email us (click here) today – win today! Enter now:

Want To Knit In London? (KnitEdge Article)


Read Cheryl Potter’s newest article entitled “Want To Knit In London” – posted in the most-recent KnitEdge Magazine!

Cheryl’s Interview – “Meet Another Great YA Author”

Read this awesome interview Cheryl recently accepted. A huge “Thank You” to!

Read full interview HERE.


I designed yarns and colorways for garments for Vogue, Interweave Knits, Knitter’s Magazine, Knit N Style in the US and Simply Knitting and Fiber Arts in the UK.  I have taught fiber art classes all over the world and continue to teach to this day.


Cheryl Potter is author of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, a YA crossover fantasy series that follows the adventures of a dynamic group of diverse characters who are often aided by magical garments.  While The Broken Circle and Secrets of the Lost Caves (books 1 and 2) are universally appealing to all fantasy readers, they also have the unique benefit of feature patterns for each of the magical garments introduced throughout the stories.  And true to her commitment to educating readers,each book has a student/teacher reading guide with thematic discussion prompts, vocabulary words, and critical reading and analytical reasoning questions.

Cheryl lives in Vermont where she runs Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, hosts retreats, and continues to work on book 3.  For more information and interactive resources, visit


A Visit To Peru – FULL ARTICLE

We were just featured in KnitEdge Magazine – check out the 3 pages we clipped from the magazine: Cheryl Potter – A Visit To Peru

Join us at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival THIS WEEKEND!

Author and indie dyer Cheryl Potter will be attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this coming weekend. She will be featuring a great selection of broadband sock yarns and a new cashmere lace called Nimbus (see below or shop here).



If you have a chance to come out Saturday or Sunday… come find us in the main exhibition hall at booth #C21. In addition to some fancy new yarns, we’ll be featuring some garments that go with Cheryl’s books (The Potluck Yarn Trilogy) as well as a few signed copies of book #1 and #2 of the trilogy.

We hope to see you there!

April 2015 Giveaway


Since we REALLY want your suggestions for new garments for our book 2 companion pattern book… we’re giving away some digital copies of Secrets of the Lost Caves (book 2 of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy).

For the month of April, we will be giving away multiple digital copies of the book!

To enter this giveaway, right now, you’ll need to do 3 simple things on our Facebook page:
1: ‘Like’ the giveaway post.
2: ‘Comment’ on the giveaway post (anything you want… but you must comment SOMETHING on the actual giveaway photo/post)
3: ‘Share’ the post (just underneath the book giveaway photo, you will see a little link that says “share”… click on that and post it to your Facebook timeline/wall – make sure to share it with ‘public’ or ‘everyone’ instead of just your friends (so we can all see it to, from our personal accounts).

That’s it! We will select winners both randomly AND based on the comments we like. :)

Here’s our Faecbook page (look for the giveaway photo that was posted on April 1, 2015):

Good luck!

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