Advice on Kids and Yarn

I watched my mother and grandmother knit until I was five and then I decided to take it up myself.  With no knitting needles or yarn, I compromised with two Popsicle sticks and torn up Kleenex. Thank goodness my mother took me seriously.  It was not long before I had a set of Susan Bates single point needles and a ball of acrylic yarn from Zayres Department Store.

Teaching kids to knit is no easy task, but from experience I have to say, let the kid decide on the materials as much as possible.  Bland needles and boring yarn will lead to early abandonment of any project.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of my bright blue aluminum single points and my lime green and yellow Dazzle yarn. I actually did finish my first project, a simple sparkle tee shirt when I was in grade school—it was the 60’s—and I wore it to school proudly.

My next project was a crocheted granny square vest trimmed with pink pom poms when I was in Junior High. You can imagine how hip I felt!



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2 comments on “Advice on Kids and Yarn
  1. Kathryn Murphy says:

    I learned how to knit when I was about eight. The first project I ever finished was a pair of bright red mittens. Apparently tension was not my forte as one of the mittens barely fit on my hand and the other was huge, big enough for a giant!

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