Aubergine’s Amethyst Necklace

One of the most important things in The Broken Circle is Aubergine’s Amethyst Necklace. Much more than just a decorative piece of jewelry, this necklace symbolizes a great deal to all of those witches who gather around the dye pot. Our very own Miles from Nowhere tells the tale of the necklace.

For those who prefer reading, here are the details…

If you’ve even read just a little of The Broken Circle, you know that Aubergine once had a magical necklace strung with 12 amethyst crystals, one for each of the witches.  But did you know that the stones were specifically set in silver according to each witches’ hallowed spot around the dyepot?

Here’s what the stones look like, their places and what they mean:

At the top of the arc and just to the right of the heavy silver clasp is the violet gem representing Aubergine, the Potluck Queen.  Although it glows strongly still, her stone is riddled with ancient cracks and fissures.

Next in line is the small stone in place of Smokey Joe, shining bright.

The third and fourth stones belong to Indigo Rose and Esmeralde, winking in tandem to each other in the light.

The fifth crystal signifies Mamie Verde’s spot and remains dark as it has been for years.  Try as she might, Aubergine can only coax from it a faint glow of recognition.

The sixth stone belongs to Mamie’s handmaiden Ratta, sparkling fierely, for now she is a witch in her own right.

The seventh amethyst is Lavender Mae’s, a twisted little cracked stone that seemed to have a mind of its own.

The eighth gem was once Sierra Blue’s.  It was and still is a large mostly unblemished crystal that yet shines steadily, a younger version of the stone representing Aubergine.

Nearing the top of the circle, the ninth stone was Tasman’s and it remains dark as the day she spurned the Potluck, for all its fire has gone out.

There is a jagged hole where the tenth stone of Tracery Teal should have been. Tracery’s stone is still hiding in plain sight and all that remains to mark its place is a bit of jagged rock in the twisted setting.

The eleventh stone is Winter Wheat’s.  If you look closely, you can see the outline of a staff within its cracks and fissures.

The twelfth stone is Lilac Lily’s amethyst, just across the heavily silver clasp from the stone representing Aubergine. Together at the top of the necklace, the two older witches rule the Potluck still.

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