Secrets of the Lost Caves – Review 2

If there is an advanced readers club, Secrets of the lost caves would fit its profile. It was deep, detailed and one can get lost in its pages. I loved how Cheryl Potter summed up Book 1 and included a list of characters as well as a map so one can follow along throughout the book. I tend to have a hard time when there are numerous characters so I was grateful for the explanations of each character.

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Thank you Emilee for the awesome review!

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In Memory Of Frank Riccio

From Potluck Yarn Trilogy Author Cheryl Potter

We have some very sad news for Potluck Yarn fans.  A short time ago, we learned that artist Frank Riccio who painted the watercolors used for the covers of The Broken Circle and Secrets of the Lost Caves and illustrated each chapter has died of colon cancer.

I have never met Frank in person but had talked to him on the phone several times and he even gave me a pencil sketch of potluck yarn queen Aubergine as a present when The Broken Circle was published.

Since then, Frank took it upon himself to pencil sketch all of the witches and many scenes from both books which can be seen on our website.  Frank was an early reader of drafts of both books and read each chapter thoroughly before sketching the illustration that would go opposite the first page of each chapter.

Our condolences go out to his wife, children and extended family. He will be sadly missed by all of us in the Potluck world.  We cannot imagine Crystal Keep, Book Three of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, without him.

We have a slideshow containing some of Frank’s work from Book 2 here:

Publishing Secrets of the Lost Caves

There are many intricate, time-consuming steps involved with publishing a book. In the past, we’ve shared some of the more specific steps (most-recently, how we constructed our back cover). Here’s a brief review of the various ways we publish our book.

When it comes to Secrets of the Lost Caves, we really have 4 distinct products:

1. The print book of the novel itself. This is distributed through our website ( and a company called Pathway. They post it to all online retailers, store books, and fulfill to all brick and mortar stores.

2. Next in-line is our eBook (also available now). This is packaged and distributed by Publish Green in a variety of formats (including Kindle/iPad versions).

3. Our workbook, a digital PDF, is offered through our website for free download (click here) and the print version will be uploaded to Ingram Spark for printing and distribution through online retailers.

4. Finally, we have our audio book. This is packaged and distributed by through Audio Books, Amazon, and iBookstore. This version of book 1 (The Broken Circle), is undergoing production right now (the sample can be listened to at – next in-line is the production of the audio book for Secrets of the Lost Caves.

Free eBook 2 (Secrets of the Lost Caves) Giveaway

Now that the limited advance copies of Book 2 (Secrets of the Lost Caves) have arrived… we thought we’d celebrate by offering-up the digital/downloadable version (the eBook) in a free giveaway.

To join, please follow the 3 simple steps below (you’ll need to be signed-in to Facebook for this):

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3. Comment on the giveaway post by telling us why you want to win

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That’s it! If you completed each of the steps listed above, you’re entered to win. The winner will be selected on Friday, January 16th and will be posted on our Facebook page ( and messaged directly with instructions to redeem your prize. If you don’t want to wait, order the eBook here.

Thank you for your support!

Book 2 Shipping Update – New Distributor

As we did not want to bore anybody with the particulars before, we neglected to publish the fact the the primary holdup for the shipment of Secrets of the Lost Caves (book 2 in the Potluck Yarn Trilogy) was our book distributor.

We have secured a new distributor! They are quite close to us (just across the border in Gilman, New Hampshire) and they will solve all of our shipping woes! Meet: Pathway Books – publishing since 1959.

In the coming days, we will have a MUCH better timeframe for the delivery of all of our patient preorder customers!

Thank you for hanging in there!


Selecting a Voice for the Audiobook

This is the task ahead of us… securing a person to produce our audiobooks for The Broken Circle and Secrets of the Lost Caves (Books 1 and 2 of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy).

We believe we’ve found that voice… care to have a listen? Emma Lysy – click on this link and push the play button on the 4th audio recording from the top (Prisoners in the Palace): (This is just a sample of her past work.). We should know shortly whether or not Emma will be able to produce our titles – here’s hoping!


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