Author Cheryl Potter gives you an update

Hi Bloggies–

I’m Cheryl Potter founder of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn and I’ve just finished writing the first book in a fantasy trilogy I call Potluck Yarn:  Tales of the Twelve.

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The story focuses on twelve knitting witches who are called to save their world with magical dye crystals found deep within a glacier.  The balance of nature has been tipped and without their help the world may end in fire or ice.  Because wielding magical crystals has been forbidden in all the lands, The Twelve must gather in secret to dye magical garments.

I don’t want to let the fleece out of the pot just yet, so I’ll say no more for now.  I have been working on this trilogy for 3 years and in the first book you get a 400 page fantasy novel about knitting witches that I have created from actual people  in the knitting world.  You get a map of all the lands, illustrations of each knitting witch and patterns for all 21 magical garments worn by the characters in the book.   You will also have my interactive website, Potluck Yarn for additional content, Trader from Potluck Yarn such as bios of the characters, garment photos and yarns of old that were too long for the first book.

The first book with the working title The Gathering of the Twelve is with my editor now and we have the fun tasks of choosing a cover design and an illustrator.  Later on, we may have patterns and yarns for you to test as we go through final edits.  It’s very exciting.  Come join in the fun!

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4 comments on “Author Cheryl Potter gives you an update
  1. either youve removed my earlier comment or its got lost?? to the publisher… you’ve missed a few typos near the ending

    • admin says:

      Sorry if we removed something it was only because we mistook it for spam. We are building a new site now as well. Thanks for your comments.

  2. LJ says:

    Loved the chapters on the web! Can not wait for the book!!!!

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