Ball and Skein and More Trunk Show Outtakes

Last Saturday, Kris and Oz from Ball and Skein and More in Cambria, California hosted Cheryl and Tim for a trunk show and book signing. The store is on Main Street in a small quirky coastal town in California, with wineries all around and the beach close by.

The store is large and beautiful with lots of natural light. It’s filled with beautiful handpainted yarns and a great selection of books. Along with local beer and wine, guests were served fresh veggies with dip direct from a local farmer’s market.

Cheryl and Tim enjoyed meeting an eclectic bunch of readers and knitters, some as young as 11 years old. Thanks to Kris and Oz for a lively time! If you could not make the show, they did buy a few extra books and kits, but will be shipping the garments on to The Urban Sheep in Modesto on Tuesday!


Checking out the ball and skein winding table

North Coast-20130907-00340

Enjoying a chat with the Ball and Skein owners, Kris and Oz!

North Coast-20130907-00356

Hanging outside the Ball and Skein in CA – definitely enjoying the beautiful sun!

North Coast-20130907-00357

A peak inside the Ball and Skein! It’s beautiful!

North Coast-20130907-00361

Ball and Skein winding table!

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