Rise of the Phoenix


The phoenix was the ancestral bird that rose from the ashes of the dead.  The knitting witches saw this sunrise in Phoenix Arizona this morning was was reminded of the mysticism and color play  in every day life!  This just

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The Knitting Witches Arrive at TNNA

Secrets of the Lost Caves

Today we’ll visit all kinds of vendors hoping to buy some nice dye hanks and roving to handpaint for Cheryl’s second book of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, Secret of the Lost Caves.

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Midnight Phoenix Dinner


It took us all day to get from Vermont to Phoenix for the The National Needle Arts show.  We arrived at the Hyatt Convention Center around midnight and were pleased to see outdoor eateries such as Steve’s open with a big

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Goodie Bags are on the way!

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All Goodie Bags are Out! If you ordered any time before Friday morning, you will receive one of our 200 Goodie Bags. We will begin shipping orders today! Hidden inside one Goodie Bag is our Get Out of Sale Free

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How to Get the Special Offer Code for Tonight’s New Year’s Eve Sale


Don’t Miss Out! Register Now! (Click Here) The 15th Annual Cherry Tree Hill January Sale starts just before midnight tonight, Eastern Time! That means you people on the West Coast only have to wait until 9 pm! Except for advance

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What Do Knitting Witches Do on Holidays?


During the holidays, knitting witches often find time to assess their personal stashes which may have grown throughout the year. They may find that they have duplicates or triplicates of the exact same yarn of fiber. It may be time

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