Book 1

Potluck Yarn Trilogy Book One

The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches

By Cheryl Potter

Potluck Yarn is a book new trilogy (coming 2013) by Cheryl Potter combining fantasy with fiber. Follow the twelve knitting witches through adventures fraught with mayhem and mischief and knit your way through 21 patterns as the Potluck witches seek to save their world. “Twenty years have passed since the fire beneath the great dyepot was lit and the circle was complete. Now, the folk of the Middlelands face a danger worse than any can remember.


“Yarns of the Knitting Witches creates a whole world of mythology with knitting and it accoutrements at its center. Of course, we who are devotees of this craft already believe that it can save a world that is rushing toward disaster, but it took Cheryl to embody that faith in this highly ambitious undertaking.

The Broken Circle, first book in the trilogy, is a good read with a fast moving plot rolling smoothly through a rich and varied landscape. Its knitted accessories, detailed in the accompanying pattern book, should give ample inspiration, especially to those who have yet to become knitters.

I think the combo is a great idea and you definitely want the patterns separate because of the nature of patterns. Culinary mysteries can include recipes, but knitting patterns are more demanding.”

–Anna Zilboorg
author of Knitting For Anarchists

“Not only is The Broken Circle a well-plotted fantasy, but Potter adds swoon-worthy descriptions of yarns and knitting projects that will have any knitter reaching for her needles. There is much to explore in this richly detailed world, enhanced not only by charming illustrations but by the companion book of knitting patterns!”

–Jessica Day George
author of Tuesdays at the Castle

The Potluck Yarn Trilogy is a brand-new way of looking at storytelling–the unique patterns and illustrations make this well-crafted tale spring from the page.”

Potter inspires you to reach for your needles in order to make your own magical garment.”

–Rachael Herron
author of the international bestseller
A Life in Stitches

Darkness and chaos threaten to destroy the delicate balance of the natural world, and the magic of the dye crystals that have always been a way of life, and a great source of power for the people, has been outlawed.” The first book The Broken Circle – Yarns of the Knitting Witches will be available early Spring 2013.

Table of Contents


Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.

—Robert Frost

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

—Fishwives’ Tale


A yarn is naught but a tall tale, a continuous string wound around itself into a ball, sometimes knotted, sometimes tangled, or so the story goes.

—Sierra Blue, Keeper of the Tales

Potluck Yarn Book 1 will be available late Winter 2013. The pattens are available now at the Supersock Store.

Aubergine’s Magic Wrap

The Gathering Has Begun …Who Will Come?

• Sierra’s Potluck Hat

Chapter 1: Trouble at the World’s Fair

• Esmeralde’s Possibles Bag

Chapter 2: The Road to Banebridge

• Skye’s Traveling Cloak

Chapter 3: The River Runs High

• Lavender Mae’s Precious Pouch

Chapter 4: The Killing Field

• Winter Wheat’s Felted Backpack

Chapter 5: Thieves of the Frozen Tombs

• Lilac Lily’s Going to Market Bag

Chapter 6: The Road Less Traveled

• Ratta’s Never-Ending Shawl

Chapter 7: Lost without Mamie

• Skye’s Elfin Lace Shawl

Chapter 8: The Fossikers Scatter

• Indigo Rose’s Women’s Work Fingerless Mitts

Chapter 9: Playing with Fire

• Warren’s Snowflake Watch Cap

Chapter 10: This Way Lies Madness

• Winter Wheat’s Possum Lace Scarf

Chapter 11: The Dervish Awakes

• Sierra’s Secret Socks

Chapter 12: Call of the Cold-Fire Crystal

• Ratta’s Muffin-Top Mitts

Chapter 13: Mamie’s Last Message

• Smokey Jo’s Smoken Cowl

Chapter 14: Blame and Regrets

• Esmeralde’s Jaunty Beret

Chapter 15: Drawn to the Border

• Mae’s Mitered Afghan

Chapter 16: A Rude Awakening

• Glitter Alpaca Scarves

Chapter 17: Stories Too Close to True

• Tracery Teal’s Kimono of Many Colors

Chapter 18: The Gathering Begins

• Aubergine’s Lattice Lace Stole

Chapter 19: Hidden in Plain Sight

• The Fire and Ice Shawl

Chapter 20: The Lost Tale

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