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This week I’m asking for suggestions for the cover of Book Two of  The Potluck Yarn Trilogy.  We hope to have it finalized this fall for TNNA in January 2014. Anyone who wants to see the cover of Book 1 can see it on the home page of  Potluck Yarn.  Book 2 is called Secrets of The Lost Caves. Here are my query questions. Feel free to answer all or some, and please leave comments here on the blog or on Ravelry.

1. The cover will be another watercolor painting by the same artist who did the cover of The Broken Circle,  Frank Riccio. Should it be in dark or light colors?

2. Should the scene to be set inside the crystal caves or have the knitting witches outside discovering them?

3. In the caves should we show magical dye crystals or more conventional types of crystals like stalactites or stalagmites?

4. In The Broken Circle, we featured Aubergine (the Potluck Queen) and knitting witch Smokey Jo on the cover.  Who do we feature on this cover?

  • Possibly one of the fossicker boys?  Garth (Skye’s younger brother) is the most important one–he ends up possessing the ancient magic of men which we discover about two thirds of the way through book 2.
  • Or maybe the Guardian (who is knitting witch Mamie Verde reborn) which we saw in the last chapter of book 1.
  • Or even the Dervish (the one knitting witch Winter Wheat freed in book 1) who guards the caves.
  • Something or someone else?
  • A near disaster action scene action scene like Kendrick (Skye and Garth’s father, knitting witch Sierra’s husband) summoning ancient magic to kill Garth?
  • The Dark Queen and Kendrick shape shifting into ravens to steal the lost stone from Aubergine?

I’ve read that the second book should be dark and full of peril in which it appears that all is lost.  I’m wondering if the cover should reflect this. Thanks to anyone who has some ideas they would like to share.

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