Book 1 Student Workbook

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Download: Potluck Yarn Book 1 Workbook 2.7 MB PDF

Potluck Yarn Student Workbook

Potluck Yarn Student Workbook

If you’re a teacher, student or just interested in the Student Workbook you can download a free copy. You must be logged in to download the workbook.

This workbook contains a single page of exercises for each of the book’s twenty chapters, as well as for the prologue. The goal is to provide readers with a supplementary learning tool and to empower teachers and parents to participate in the reading process. Each individual page contains four sections that challenge the student in the following areas:

1) Critical Reading – This section includes three questions that can be used to verify that the student has read and absorbed the basic material in the chapter.

2) Analytical Reasoning – The two thought-provoking questions in this section are designed to elicit subjective, well-considered answers that validate the student’s comprehension of character motivation, intent, and the overall storyline of the book.

3) Discussion Prompt – There is an open-ended query regarding social, ethical, or moral topics raised in the chapter.

4) Vocabulary – The vocabulary section lists five words used in the chapter, along with appropriate definitions and the context in which each word appears in the text. The student is asked to use each word in an original sentence. Note that the definitions are mostly taken from WordNet, an open-source lexical database developed by Princeton University. A few are derived from and other resources.

Download: Potluck Yarn Book 1 Workbook 2.7 MB PDF

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