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“I love the premise of the story: once upon a time there were 12 knitting witches who together dyed, spun and knit embracing the magic in them and the crystals the land provided. The circle was broken when one of the 12 sought to harness the power herself, and what was once good and true turned dark and evil. Twenty years have passed and the world has fallen to ruin…As a knitter / crocheter I did enjoy the fiber references. At times they seem a bit overwhelming and while the descriptions work in the pattern book they don’t always enhance the story.” [more]

–Robin, Crochet Nirvana

Kim Tracy Prince

“In the Yarns of the Knitting Witches, Potter presents the lands of the North, the Middle, and the South. There is an enormous glacier, which I suppose is a repetitive phrase, in which are trapped the ancient and mostly dead First Folk, along with their magic crystals that they once used to control nature, which of course led to their icy demise, because everyone knows you cannot mess with nature.” [more]

–Kim Tracy Prince, House of Prince

“Potter spins a tale redolent with magic and layered with themes of friendship, loyalty, good vs. evil, the value of natural resources, the meaning and texture of courage, and even mortality. Readers age 11 and up will find themselves engrossed by this fanciful cross-over tale of magic and mayhem.” [more]

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