The Books

Potluck Yarn Book One Novel and Pattern Book

Potluck Yarn Book One Novel and Pattern Book

The Potluck Yarn trilogy is a new series of books combing fiber and fiction by Cheryl Potter. Book one The Broken Circle – Yarns of the Knitting Witches is available now in paperback and digital formats. The novel has a companion pattern book and you can get both for a special price. The books can be purchased online now at our own Potluck Yarn Shop and Amazon as well as at select yarn shops.

3 comments on “The Books
  1. Bonnie Whitmore says:

    This e-mail is the most sincere apology to the crafters who are enjoying this great Potluck Yarn Shop event. I got logged off unexpectedly this morning and thought that the witches wwre at work and had done it on purpose. (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it) : D
    I apologize for my pre-coffee, up too early,negativity. Please accept my apologies. I said things that I did not mean. As a matter of fact, I want to eventually get all three books. I would love to touch base wih someone who is familiar with the book’s characters.
    The Potlock Yarn Shop could not have been kinder. To my crafting friends who have not been here yet, please join in. thank you.

    • CherylP says:

      Bonnie – we’re very sorry that there were dark forces meddling in your day – apparently Tasman has been busy lately! I am very glad, however, that things got resolved fairly quickly! As for touching base with someone who is familiar with the characters, you have :D Ask away!

  2. Bonnie Whitmore says:

    I want to pretend to be one of the characters (Yes. I am an adult.) A little bit about me: I have a colorful and active imagination. I love colors of yarn that are the same colors of nature – especially Autumn. Autumn is my favorite season. I love to “read” people. Sometimes when I’m in school and I need to find a page; I open the book to exactly the correct page. I’m a Capricorn, an earthchild, kind, creative and I love to paint and write. If this doesn’t sound like one of the book’s character’s, It’s okay. I’ll become familiar with the characters and see. I’m so excited. Thank you.

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