We’ve been working on the map to Bordertown all week, and here it is. Now we’re going to spend some time populating it.

map of Bordertown

As you can see, there are 7 boroughs, which are city districts, shaped like pie wedges.  All except the Garrison, which is a castle built into the city walls and houses the North gate.  You can also get into the city from the western edge at Butcher’s Block and the Southern Gate at River Walk—you can also come in up the river if you have a small boat. Some of these boroughs you have already heard of and some of them you will see in Book Two, because a lot of the action takes place in Bordertown.

In The Broken Circle, you discover that all the witches are being summoned by Aubergine to Potluck Yarn which is located on a street called Merchant’s Row in Merchant’s Pass.  Winter Wheat and Ratta reach it by cart through the Western Gate, while Indigo and Esmeralde drive through the southern gate with Skye and the fossickers in the back of the wagon.  In order to reach it from the Burnt Holes, Sierra and Mae must pass through the heavily armed Northern Gate.  It’s a good thing they can pass unseen in their traveling cloaks!

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