Building the Broken Circle


map of Bordertown Last week we showed you the preliminary map of the walled city of Bordertown, which is the only city in the Middlelands and divided into seven boroughs.  These are pie shaped districts within the protection of the city walls and together, they form their own circle, but for the Garrison, a stronghold built by the Northland, surrounded by the borough of Winter Watch.

There are two other Broken Circles in book one of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy.  Can you guess what they are?

The first one is more obvious.  It is the Broken Circle of the twelve knitting witches, known in the book as “The Circle of Twelve.” When Tasman spurned the Twelve to flee south, she destroyed Teal on the way out, leaving only ten witches.  Without a complete circle, they were never able to have a magical simmer around the dye pot again.

aubergine-character-bio The other one is Aubergine’s amethyst necklace.  It was a circle of twelve stones, each representing one of the knitting witches in order of their places around the great pot.  Over twenty years ago, when Tasman was an apprentice, Aubergine let the young witch try on the necklace.  Tasman was so greedy for its power that she refused to take it off.  Teal saw her stealing the jewelry and tried to pull it off her neck, but all that came away was one of the amethyst stones, her own.  Forever after, the necklace was broken and Teal’s gem became the lost stone.

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