Carbon Monoxide Scare


Last night our smoke alarm went off just as we were eating dinner about 7 pm. It is a combination fire alarm/ carbon monoxide detector and the voice was warning of high carbon levels.

There was nothing cooking and we did not have a fire going in the fireplace, so we thought it was just a faulty detector. So we replaced the batteries and finished dinner and cleaned up.

When the detector went off again, we called our local fire department, which is the same Arizona barracks that lost 19 firefighters in a forest fire last summer. Four men and a fire truck arrived almost immediately.

It turned out that there was carbon monoxide in the cabin, lots of it! The firemen swept the house and found 18-20 parts per million–which is very dangerous if you are about to go to bed, because the gas makes you very sleepy and can eventually kill you.

It turned out to be the broiler on our new gas oven which we had never used. The firemen were extremely nice and very thorough. They disconnected the stove, aired out the house until the levels were zero and left us with a carbon monoxide detector to use until we get our stove fixed.

What a relief for a situation that could have turned out very badly. I have never had to rely on a smoke alarm or call the fire department before. I’m going to keep their number handy and always have fresh batteries! Thank you Prescott Fire Department.

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