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In Memory Of Frank Riccio

From Potluck Yarn Trilogy Author Cheryl Potter We have some very sad news for Potluck Yarn fans.  A short time ago, we learned that artist Frank Riccio who painted the watercolors used for the covers of The Broken Circle and

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Publishing Secrets of the Lost Caves

There are many intricate, time-consuming steps involved with publishing a book. In the past, we’ve shared some of the more specific steps (most-recently, how we constructed our back cover). Here’s a brief review of the various ways we publish our

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Book 2 Shipping Update – New Distributor


As we did not want to bore anybody with the particulars before, we neglected to publish the fact the the primary holdup for the shipment of Secrets of the Lost Caves (book 2 in the Potluck Yarn Trilogy) was our

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Sneak Peek: Audio book in-production (free sample)

Today we’re posting the first, spoken, 5 minutes of the audio book that is being created for book 1 of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy: The Broken Circle. Next week we will release the 5 minutes follow this first sample. Please

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The map for Secrets of the Lost Caves is now in color!

Check out this wicked new colorized version of the map from Book 2. If you hover-over the map, you get a little magnifying glass to zoom-in for better detail. Thank you ALL for your patience while we deal with these

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Selecting a Voice for the Audiobook


This is the task ahead of us… securing a person to produce our audiobooks for The Broken Circle and Secrets of the Lost Caves (Books 1 and 2 of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy). We believe we’ve found that voice… care

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