Skye Blue “Eyes Like Bits of Turquiose Sky”

Sierra and Kendrick’s daughter Skye is a middle child who comes of age during wartime and seems an unlikely successor to her mother. The image of Sierra, when The Broken Circle begins, she is innocently unaware of her mother’s witchery and her father’s deceit. Her life is that of a simple farm girl, promised to the son of the flour mill owner in the lower valley.

This possibility vanishes when she and her mother arrive at the Middlemarch World’s Fair to find the Middlelands much changed from the spring before. Most men and boys have gone to war, and suspicion and fear accompany the rancid smoke that fills the River Runne valley. When Sierra is arrested for supposed use of magic, Skye is thrown headlong into an enchanted world she knows nothing about and becomes a child grown old before her time when she learns her parents’ identity and her own destiny.

Suddenly Skye’s old life vanishes along with the family farm flood waters wash away. A refugee, she has no choice but to wend her way north, for like the other witches she feels Aubergine’s call. What remains of her innocence are her startlingly blue eyes, like bits of turquoise sky. Her talents are unrealized. She an accomplished lace knitter for one so young and her pattern work is beyond compare. Her intricate designs seem to enhance the magical qualities of her crystal dyed yarns. She knows her craft well, yet does not practice lore.



Closing the gap between the life she has always known and the witchery that awaits her proves overwhelming to Skye at times. Intensely loyal and brave, she is less easily misled and more skeptical than Sierra had been at her age. Her challenge will be to certain her place in the circle of Twelve. Can she become the witch her mother would have been if Tasman had not intervened?









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