Lilac Lily

Lilac Lily “The House Mother”

Lily arrived at Potluck Yarn a woman grown, for when Aubergine decided to open her school for girls, she sought Lily out to run the Potluck household. Her duties included the role of housemother to the young witches, who roomed in a dormitory above the yarn shop. From a family of innkeepers—her sister Lorna owned an inn in Middlemarch near the fairgrounds—Lily managed the noisy fiber arts co-operative in an effortless way that radiated hospitality. She was partial to fresh flowers, scented candles, a nicely set table and well-stocked larder.

For years Lily managed Potluck affairs smoothly, assigning her charges household tasks, settling differences, and even acting as a referee when needed, so that Aubergine could be freed from such daily distractions to practice her lore. Lily worked tirelessly, caring for household finances, sleeping arrangements, and seeing to the cooking and cleaning of the house and yarn shop. Her job was thankless, yet she enjoyed the challenge of keeping house for gifted young witches in training often at odds with each other.

Gradually Lily won even Tasman over, for her special talent was keeping confidences. All felt they could entrust secrets to her, for she rarely spoke out of turn. In time, Lily found she could merely gaze at a girl and glean her inner thoughts. She practiced her lore, honing her gift until she could read the mind of any she encountered. Such knowledge allowed her to manipulate any situation and for a while discordance was unheard of at Potluck Yarn. The difficulty was that Lily could not to disclose information without someone asking a direct question. The one time she did reveal the answer to an unasked query, Tasman fled with Aubergine’s necklace, destroying Teal in her wake.








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