Mamie Verde

Mamie Verde “Forever Young”

A relic of the Potluck clan, Mamie is the oldest of the twelve. When the Broken Circle opens, she clings to life by a thin thread, neither part of this world nor the next. The long years have rendered her unable to speak, see or hardly hear. She almost never opens her eyes, and appears unaware of her surroundings.

Even before the Potluck broke up, Mamie had stopped talking, preferring to communicate with her caretaker Ratta in a silent language called Mind Speak, a tongue most believe died with the Ancients long ago. Now even Mind Speak has dwindled to nothingness for Mamie and Ratta is at a loss for what to do. For the time being, she has wrapped the old woman in her Neverending Shawl, a magical cocoon that suspends her mistress between life and death.

Even when the girls were young, Mamie was so decrepit that she leaned on Ratta to shuffle about the Potluck. As time passed, Ratta brought Mamie’s favorite rocker to the work shed and fitted it with cart wheels to fashion a rolling chair. By the time the Potluck broke up, Mamie was completely dependent upon Ratta: once a kitchen maid at her farm in Coventry, now her caretaker and constant companion.

Mamie’s solitary gift is that she is the Keeper of the Tales of Old. She alone knows all yarns of the Ancient’s Folly, legends revealed to her by the previous Guardian before he left to assume his watch over the ancients buried in the glacier. When Aubergine invited Mamie to teach at Potluck Yarn, she hoped that the old witch might impart the tales to the circle of twelve.

Gathered around the fire as they knit at night, Mamie offered up the yarns, one by one. She choose Sierra to succeed her that she might impart the tales to the next set of knitting witches, but due to failing health, she never finished before Tasman turned traitor and the girls left. None but Ratta knows that Mamie never told the last and most important story, called The Lost Tale. This yarn reveals the whereabouts of the Ancient city of Tigeria and the Crystal Caves beyond. Before Mamie could summon the strength to utter it, words left her forever. She could do naught but impart it to Ratta in Mind Speak.









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