Trader from Potluck Yarn Trader has many names and she has been living as a boy since the crystal was found a few months ago. Small and elfin, she can lie her way out of any situation. To escape the wrath of Tasman, Trader fell in with the fossickers, a group of boys who search the riverbeds for fossils and crystals and treasure.

Trader is sometimes called Traitor because of her shiftiness and cleverness-she has needed her wits to survive and answers to no one but herself. She can pass as a boy or a girl, and appears at times innocent and other times omniscient. Although young, she has the knowledge and weariness of someone old beyond her years.

2 comments on “Trader
  1. dianerzebet says:

    The biographies of your fascinating characters are very interesting and make me want to have the books ASAP! Please keep writing!

    • cheryl says:

      Thank you so much! I enjoy writing back story–although you do not see the text in the book, it does make the characters richer.

      You’ll be surprised how important Trader becomes in Book Two: Secrets of the Lost Caves.

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