“Little Teal” “Trader” “Traitor” “Trickle T”

Little Teal comes of age on the streets of Bordertown in the borough of River Walk.  Although she is the daughter of a barmaid who works at an alehouse called The Loose Goose, her mother is also sister to Tracery Teal, the green fog witch who was destroyed by Tasman when she fled to the Lowlands.


Unaware of her legacy or that the Dark Queen seeks her, Teal roams the docks as a young girl, learning to dice and play sleight of hand tricks for pennies and watching the fossick boys steal. She wants to join the lively bands of roving fossickers that ply their trade picking fossicks from the Trickle and selling such relics at trading posts and pawn shops but alas she is a girl.

When Teal’s mother disappears and their room is ransacked, Teal is rescued by Aubergine and Smokey Jo who bring her to Potluck Yarn.  There Aubergine presents Teal with a handsome walking stick whose pommel is decorated with a broken amethyst, a lost stone that glows in the dark so that Teal may find her way in the world.


Teal learns that the evil people who took her mother search for her as well as the crystal she now wards and her best chance of remaining unnoticed is to hide in plain sight.  When Aubergine urges her to leave the city of Bordertown and loose herself in the country, Teal eagerly trades her dress for breeches and a jerkin and begins her life anew as the fossick boy Trader.






After joining several bands of boys and learning their ways, Trader starts her own crowd who call themselves The Dell Fossickers and develop a group of rules to live by known as The Fossicker’s Creed. Trader calls her rules “The Three and Three.”


Four years pass before she meets Garth and Skye.  In that time, she becomes known by many names:  Turncoat, Traitor, Trickle T and more.  No one knows she is a girl until, finally she confesses her identity to Skye to gain the other girl’s trust.  It is then that she decides to accept her legacy.






2 comments on “Trader
  1. dianerzebet says:

    The biographies of your fascinating characters are very interesting and make me want to have the books ASAP! Please keep writing!

    • cheryl says:

      Thank you so much! I enjoy writing back story–although you do not see the text in the book, it does make the characters richer.

      You’ll be surprised how important Trader becomes in Book Two: Secrets of the Lost Caves.

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