Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat “The Sheep Whisperer”

Wheat’s full name is Winter Wheat and she is a mystical shepherdess who hails from the Western Highlands. Even as a girl wandering the high plains, she was known as a sheep whisperer, an enchantress who kenned all creatures by touch and could communicate with fiber animals of any kind.

As an apprentice at Potluck Yarn, Wheat harbored a sheep in the dormitory in place of a pet dog and no one wished to room with her. As a young witch, she became a fiber savant, and soon became inseparable from a certain shepherd’s staff, a gift from Potluck Queen Aubergine. Twin cabochon beetles encased in crystalized amber swirled on sheep gut tethers from its crook, casting golden light that wards off danger.

When the Circle of Twelve broke, Wheat returned to the Highlands to spend her days as a nomad, driving sheep from pasture into the western plains of golden wheat to winter in the mountains, and then back to the greening Middlelands come spring time for the ewes to lamb and the rams culled for market.

Wheat has keen knowledge of fine fiber and can instinctively select an animal who will offer the best fleece from a herd, and often judges fleeces and exotic breeds at festivals like the Middlemarch World’s Fair. Her favorite sheep is a little black and white spotted Jacob ram with a crown of horns called Tracks.


Strong and hardy, Wheat has grown stout over the years and favors layers of rustic clothing. Under a sun bleached brimmed hat, her long ragged hair has begun to gray and a length of rope belts her homespun trousers. Her few belongings are in a felted backpack worn under an oilskin cloak she sometimes sleeps beneath when she camps in the mountains. She uses her staff as a walking stick, carrying it with her everywhere even with no sheep in sight. The crystals tied to the curly hook allow her to use her crook as a weapon when needed.









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