Cheryl’s Notes On Writing to Publish

I saw this very funny cartoon scenario of writing and publishing in the yarn world and I have to share it with you:

If only it were this easy!!

If only it were this easy!!

The first image is entitled: Write and book or get someone else to write it. I loved that! My favorite part is the writing–why would I get someone else to do what I crave most? The series ends with: rinse and repeat, as if you are dyeing yarn …. hmmm.

The reason I found this cartoons endearing is that I have just finished writing book two of a trilogy called Potluck Yarn, which involves 12 knitting witches determined to save their world using rare dye crystals infused with magic. The book is about 450 pages long and it took me a year to write. Like the first novel called The Broken Circle, book two called Secrets of the Lost Caves will have a companion pattern book filled with garments the witches and their companions wear during the book.

The Broken Circle has a prologue and 20 chapters for a total of 21 garments. Secrets of the Lost Caves has 33 chapters, which is too many garments for a pattern book. So I’m thinking of 16 garments, basically one for every other chapter. For book one, I already had the garments knit. For book two, I will be calling for designs, which will take more time.

I hope that you can see that although Secrets of the Lost Caves is written, the publishing process is just beginning. Along with the editorial process, there will be illustrations and captions for each chapter, weeks of layout with cool little symbols at the beginning and ending of each chapter, the companion pattern book and the ever popular student workbook, for summer reading programs.

It is a big undertaking which will consume months of time from everyone who is involved in the project–and it is a team effort. I am fortunate to have almost everyone on board who was involved in The Broken Circle. I’ll keep checking back in and give you sneak peaks of the process as time allows!

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