Designer Technique and Tech October 10-12, 2014

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Session #3 Designer Technique and Tech October 10-12, 2014

Design with Shannon Okey, Set Up Your Patterns with Sally Holt
October 10-12, 2014
The class combines Sally Holt’s knitCompanion with Shannon Okey’s Designer Boot Camp in an exciting team-teach setting. Together these two dynamic innovators will walk you through how to approach launching your professional knitting career.

Designer Bootcamp, taught by Shannon Okey, is designed to give you the tools you need to launch your identity, get published, handle contracts, and more.

Sally Holt of Create2Thrive

Sally Holt of Create2Thrive

Topics include:

  • Developing identity: style sheets, branding and establishing a template
  • Establishing YOUR checklist
  • Submitting to magazines, books and calls for design
  • Get your website/blog into shape
  • Contracts
  • Effective photography

All designers ask themselves a question: Is this pattern “knit-able”? knitCompanion for Designers, taught by Sally Holt, will teach you how knitCompanion works and the world it opens up to designers. You will learn what pattern management really means to a knitter and why knitCompanion is a such a popular tool for pattern management. By knowing what it can do to help the knitter successfully execute your pattern, you will be armed to better answer the question of knitability. You will also learn how to best format your patterns so they are easy to work with in knitCompanion.

Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press

Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press


Mornings of each day will be spent on knitCompanion and every afternoon will focus on Designer Bootcamp topics.

Friday AM – 3 hours (knitCompanion)

  • What is knitCompanion and why are knitters using it?
  • Foundations of knitCompanion
  • Friday PM – 3 hours (Designer Bootcamp)
    • Develop your identity as a designer
    • Get concrete with style sheets, branding, templates
    • Get your website/blog into shape

Saturday AM – 3 hours (knitCompanion)

  • Improving knitability with…
    • Smart Counters
    • Reminders
    • Multipart pieces.

Saturday PM – 3 hours (Designer Bootcamp)

  • Submitting to magazines, books and calls for design
  • Contracts

Sunday AM – 3 hours

  • Formatting your patterns for ease of setup (1.5 hours)
  • Effective Photography (1.5 hours)

p>Fees are as follows: $400 for the workshop which includes the class and all hand outs. $380 which includes lodging, all meals and non alcoholic beverages.

Reservations And Payment

We accept checks, credit cards, and payments through Paypal.

To pay your deposit and reserve your space in the workshop, contact
After your registration deposit is received, we will send you information about mailing in the payment for your catered meals.

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