Writing From Within Retreat – April 2015

Writing From Within : April 24-26, 2015.

Join indie authors Cheryl Potter and Shannon Okey for a fun and intensive three-day retreat focusing on turning your passion for personal writing into profit next – retreat held next April in our Hanson House Retreat Center located in Barton, VT. You will learn, step-by-step, how to both develop your writing and to identify and build a business plan for your body of work. Both Cheryl and Shannon are avid knitters and designers who have published books and articles on a wide variety of subjects. Topics of discuss will include, but are not limited to:

  • Fiction and non-fiction writing
  • Social Media
  • Writing for a specific audience
  • How to get started in self-publishing
  • Turning personal writing into marketable text
  • Setting up a series-based body of work

cheryl Shannon Okey

Shannon is the author of more than a dozen books, founder of indie publishing company Cooperative Press and the former editor of a UK-based knitting magazine, as well as the current editor of Knit Edge. She’s known online in most social media as knitgrrl. Cheryl is the author of eight books–most recently a cross genre young adult fantasy about knitting witches–and the founder of Cherry Tree Hill Yarn. She is a daily blogger, teaches hand dye yarn workshops and writes non fiction articles for various publications.

Breakfast at Hanson House! A great time for everyone to get to know each other a little better. Let me tell you - this group got along fantastically!

Breakfast at Hanson House! A great time for everyone to get to know each other a little better. Let me tell you – this group got along fantastically!

In this three day workshop, Shannon and Cheryl will lead you through the steps of successfully publishing your personal writing. Cheryl will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into blogs, narratives, website content, articles suitable for magazines and periodicals and story lines for books. This includes making a list of ideas, roughing out a draft, creating clean copy, choosing images or artwork and editing. Shannon will show you how to create knowledge-based books from development through publication and promotion. This includes everything from creating and fleshing out a detailed outline to make it easy for you to take the things you know and get them on paper to soliciting outside contributions and feedback to finding the right audience and places to promote your work.

We hope you come away from this workshop with a new found confidence in your writing and the knowledge that you have the ability to publish in your chosen field.

Fees And Registration

Enrollment is $400 per student, and a $125 deposit reserves your space. Because of the amount of individual time reserved for each student, enrollment is limited to 6 participants. The room and board package is $380.


  • Arrive and settle in at Hanson House at 435 Elm Street. There will be an evening wine and cheese reception hosted by Cheryl and Shannon at 6 pm.


  • A light breakfast of fruit and homemade baked goods at the Hanson House 8-8:30 AM. Coffee and juice will also be provided. There is also a guest kitchenette with refrigerator at the farmhouse for guests who wish to bring additional food.
  • 9 AM Morning workshop at the Hanson Farm with a focus on creative writing, both narrative and fiction.
  • Enjoy a catered lunch at the Hanson House, then at 1 PM adjourn for afternoon writing sessions or 1 on 1’s with the instructor of your choice.
  • Catered dinner is at 6 PM at the Hanson House followed by a reading by Cheryl from her new book.

Dyeing To Knit Retreat

  • Breakfast at Hanson House 8-8:30 AM.
  • 9AM Morning workshop with a focus on design, pattern writing and tech editing.
  • Enjoy a catered lunch, then at 1 PM adjourn for afternoon writing sessions and 1 on 1’s with the instructor of your choice.
  • 6 PM Catered evening meal followed by a reading from Shannon. Sign up for student readings. Bring your knitting!


  • Breakfast at Hanson House 8-8:30 AM.
  • 9 AM Open Q&A Session: The Nuts and Bolts of Publishing and Marketing your Knitting Pattern, Article or Books. We will cover both print material and epublication.
  • Catered lunch followed by an optional private tour and shopping at Cherry Tree Hill Yarn.
  • 2 PM Afternoon wrap up to finish any 1 on 1 consults, answer any lingering questions and time to write if you wish.
  • 6 PM Farewell dinner at Hanson House with open mic night. If you have signed up for a reading, it’s your turn to shine!


  • Check out is 11 AM. No meals served. Leave for home, taking all of your wonderful ideas with you!


Catered lunch at the Writing From Within Retreat

Catered lunch at the Writing From Within Retreat

Catered meals are provided by the Northeast Kingdom’s own Cold Springs Kitchen and Parker Pie, with a choice of regular or vegetarian fare. Our catering package of $380 per person includes both Hanson House accommodations and meals served in the dining room for the retreat. We almost always can accommodate special food needs, just ask! In addition, there is a diner and grocery store within walking distance. Coffee and juice are provided in the morning and bottled water at all meals. There is also a coffee maker and microwave in the guest area for those wanting additional beverages throughout the day. We do not have a liquor license, but you are welcome to bring your own wine, beer or alcoholic beverage of choice.


Reservation & Payment

• We accept checks, credit cards, and payments through Paypal. To pay your deposit and reserve your space in the workshop, contact info@potluckyarn or call 802-525-3311 M-F 8:00-4:30 ET.

After your registration deposit is received, we will send you information about mailing in the payment for your catered meals.

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  1. Sarada Meeks-Johnson says:

    I’ve been waiting and saving and I can come this year! Sign me up! ~ Rue

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