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One question I get asked frequently is how I come up with my writing ideas. The Broken Circle was definitely a labor of love, and as I’ve said many times, a lot of my inspiration came from my life – from family members and from areas that I have lived in and where I have visited. I’ve even had some parents ask me for tips getting their children interested in writing – and there are a lot of ways that you can do that! Here’s one writing exercise that many younger children love.

Show them a picture of something. It doesn’t have to be anything fantastical, in fact it can be a photo like this:


Beautiful flowers, right? But what could you write about with flowers like this? This is where you may need to start your children off with an idea. Kids are generally extremely creative, but sometimes they’re so creative that they don’t know where to start, so giving them a starting point can help a story to flourish. You could try something like this,

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved flowers. Every day she would leave her small house in order to journey to a field that was filled with beautiful flowers. The girl would spend her days running through the flowers, weaving crowns, and enjoying the beauty that surrounded her. As the wind grew colder, however, the girl knew that the flowers would wither and die, and she grew sad. Ever a fanciful girl, she decided that she would make a wish that the flowers would never die on the most beautiful flower that she could find. For days the young girl walked slowly through the field, searching for the perfect flower. Finally, after three days of searching, she came upon what she thought was the most beautiful, most perfect, most fragrant flower she had ever seen. She plucked it, closed her eyes, and made a wish. Suddenly…

As a good tip, always make sure you end your portion of the story with a teaser – something they can build off of, like “suddenly…”. Here are a few other photos that you can use to prompt your child to write – let me know what stories your children come up with for the photos!! I’d love to see them!
Candy_LargeWide fairy-of-the-forest-wallpaper spooky house2

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