Chronicles of Peru Day One

With all of our papers in order, we drove to Burlington and dropped the car with Tim’s friend Gail to save 10 nights of airport parking. There was a lot of road construction and coincidentally an accident in front of Gail’s farm.

We flew to Newark and took the train to the International terminal and bought about $100 worth of Soles—right now a dollar is worth about 2.5 Soles down from the 2.75 Soles it was worth when I went to Peru in 2010.

The flight was crowded with everyone pushing to get on or off. We got seats near the front with movies and electrical outlets for the flight. The free food was horrible. We had to pay for drinks.

We sat with a Peruvian American from New Jersey on his way to Lima to see his sick father. He recommended a few brands of Pisco, the national drink of Peru, and places that would be fun if it was not winter and off season. We were amused that so many passengers wore winter coats in June. Even though the seasons are opposite ours, it was 55 when we got off the plane in Lima.

Once again, my phone had no signal, though I have a Blackberry with an international SIM card. Is it time to be done with Blackberry devices? In Europe last year I had to buy another phone, and before that my previous Blackberry died in British Columbia.


Our hotel was the Costa Del Sol where I’d stayed once before, connected to the airport so that you can stay indoors and avoid the smog. Outside was smoky and loud so we went to the bar for Pisco Sours. The bar was full of Americans with long layovers having drinks and late night snacks. Although our room was spacious with all of the amenities, airport traffic kept waking us up.

Tomorrow we are flying into Arequipa to spend a few days looking at yarns with my friend Raul from Michell. I do not know yet if I will bother to buy another phone.

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