Favorite Things in Peru

Cheryl is in Peru this week enjoying all things Peruvian, so she sent me this blog and some pictures from her last trip for everyone to enjoy!


Peru_flying over the andes

Peru_misti mountainsWhile my husband Tim and I are in Peru, we’re spending a lot of time with people who own mills and dye yarn, but we’re also taking in the sights.  One of the most dramatic views of all is flying into Arequipa, which is also known as “the white city” under the shadow of the Misti Mountains. When you land on the runway, the mountains seem to come right up to the tarmac.

Peru_CuscoAnother favorite city for me is Cusco, which is the gateway to the Sacred Valley.  The churches, cobble streets and buildings left over from colonial times are well preserved and the city is very tourist friendly without being “touristy.”

Peru_the sacred valleyThe Sacred Valley is full of villages, ruins, markets, alpaca farms –it takes several days to see it all and is worth every minute.  I watched women weaving in the markets, went to an alpaca shearing, saw how people dye fiber with plants and insects and tried local foods like guinea pig and the national drink Pisco, which you imbibe through egg whites.

Peru_taking the train to Macchu PichuThe best part is Macchu Pichu and this time we were able to get train tickets and overnight accommodations and will be able to spend two days there.  We can’t wait, and don’t worry—we’ll send back lots of pictures.

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