Go Duke!

So maybe none of you know this, but I am a diehard Duke Basketball fan, so much so that I was MAD at Coach K when Duke lost a shot at the NCAA Championship to Kentucky last year over what I saw as overwhelming sympathy over a Kentucky player breaking his leg in the semi finals. Hey, what do I know?

Duke ranked number one for most of the year and had what I saw as the best team since the days of JJ Reddick. But anyway ..

I decided not to watch ANY Duke basketball this year, did not care that they came into the season ranked number 4 and even cancelled my Jump TV Go Duke streaming games and commentary for my laptop.

Until …

Well face it–I live in Vermont and our only Division One Basketball Team is UVM in Burlington. And wouldn’t you know it–out of all of the improbable teams Duke would play EVER, they are hosting University of Vermont on their home court of Cameron Arena next weekend. I am a diehard Cameron fan, ever since I got to sit in the Cameron Crazies section after waiting 5 hours in line IN THE RAIN for general admission seats some years back, but it was all worth it when Coach K and the team sat directly in front of me. S now …

UVM is playing at Duke and my relatives just happen to live near Durham N.C. But do I have tickets? Of course not–you don’t really need tickets to go to a UVM game because the events are usually so under attended you can get in with a student ID card, library card or for free. So I went on line to find tickets and found out UVM games are only free if they are played at UVM. Other schools make you pay for basketball tickets. And of course, the UVM Duke tickets at Duke are sold out.

One good thing is that Duke is playing in the NIT over Thanksgiving at Madison Square Garden which is only a 7 hour Amtrak ride from here and there are still tickets left. If they make it to the finals, they are projected to meet Arizona, which co-incidentally happens to be my Alma Mater. I was once an Arizona fan before everything happened with Lute Olsen. Now I can’t figure out what the guy coaching Arizona is trying to do, so I flip the channel every time I see Arizona come on ESPN.

So it looks like I’ll be watching the Duke game the way the vast majority of Duke fans will – on TV!

Did I mention that I am a diehard Duke fan?

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