Hearty Thanks from the Knitting Witches

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cherry Tree Hill Labor Day Sale, hosted for the first time by the Potluck Yarn Knitting Witches!  We hope everyone had a good time and were able to get all the yarns, patterns, books and kits they wanted.

Lucky Winner, Identify Yourself Please

We are hoping to hear from our lucky Get Out of Sale Free Card winner.  Lucky winner, we do not know who you are!  Call us with the secret saying on the back of your Get Out of Sale Free card so that we can reimburse you for everything you purchased during the Labor Day Sale.

Everyone who got a Goodie Bag, please look through it carefully!  It may be hard to believe we could be unable to announce a winner because the winner did not call us, but it did happen once.  Don’t miss your chance to cash in on your purchase!

As soon as we know who you are, we’ll let everyone else know too!

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5 comments on “Hearty Thanks from the Knitting Witches
  1. peggy connolly says:

    Here’s my feedback on one aspect of the sale: I hate it and get annoyed when you add stock DURING the sale. By that time, I’ve already ordered and paid shipping once; I don’t want to pay it again. If I feel this way, I bet others do too. I know you probably do it to get folks to visit the site again and hopefully order, but at what point do you alienate customers more than making additional sales?

    • CherylP says:

      Peggy – thank you so much for your feedback. I do completely understand your frustration, but the biggest reason why we continually add stock to the sale is to give our clients a wide array of different options during the sale.

  2. Bonnie Whitmore says:

    I have never had such a wonderful and mysterious time staying home. It was sheer luck that I learned of this site. I don’t usually get into witch things; but these seem so sweet. I have to read my book and I’ll let you know. My goody bag arrived today and it was only the second or third thing that has happened to me over the past two years that wasn’t negative, costly and depressing. Such generous people. Thank you so much. The yarns in my goody bag are some that I might not have chosen for myself. That’s what makes it so much fun. Beautiful, bright colors and patterns. I can picture what edgings I can make, among other things. You really made my day. I hope that everyone else had as great a time as I did. Thank you everybody.

  3. Bonnie Whitmore says:

    I have been pulling out every craft book looking for just the right thing. I’ll post a picture.


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