Interesting Notes From Lavish Lace Test Knitters

Thanks to our Lavish Lace test knitters who have sent in their garments. So far we have received Falling Leaves, A World Lit By Fire, Frost Flowers, Parrot House and Irish Mists, Peat Bogs and Gorse, five out of the thirteen garments. These will be shown for the first time at The National Needlework Show in San Diego next week, where Cheryl will be advance copies of Lavish Lace.

We are waiting on the other seven garments before beginning trunk shows, and have really enjoyed the comments from the test knitters. We found out that several of the garments take more yarn, which is really helpful in developing the kits. This is not because the kits had short yardage last time, but because of the fact that yardage changes over the years.

The Frost Flower wrap now takes two hanks of Cascade because hanks now are 4 ounces rather than 150 grams, and A World Lit by Fire takes two hanks of Supersock DK for the same reason. We found out that La Waytacha now only takes two hanks of yarn as the skeins have gotten larger and that you have enough yarn for two Irish Mists scarves with the yarn provided in its kit.

We tried to knit the Parrot House shawl from both Potluck Worsted and Bulky and found out that it really only works with the Worsted because of the drape. Another interesting thing we learned is that Rosebuds and Climbing Roses looks better on a larger size needle.

We’re expecting the last seven garments soon and will pass along comments from the test knitters as the garments come in. Thanks, test knitters!


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