La Jolla Writer’s Conference 2014


In two short weeks our very own Cheryl Potter, author of 8 books including The Potluck Trilogy, will be teaching 3 classes at the annual La Jolla Writer’s Conference.

Here is a short description of what the conference is all about:

“Whether you are an aspiring author who has yet to put pen to paper, someone intent on writing a book to augment your business, a writer on the cusp of submitting to agents, or someone who wants to know more about the different and ever-evolving methods of publication, the La Jolla Writer’s Conference is the place for you.

For over a decade, community, intimate classes, personalized attention, ambiance, and a dedicated and outstanding faculty have annually converged to provide an intensive experience where writing becomes habit, habit breeds success, and writers become authors.”


The conference will run from Friday October 24th through Sunday October 26th and if you’re lucky enough to be there, you will have 3 chances to learn from Cheryl’s vast experience up close and in person.

Friday 1:00 – 1:50PM

Room: Athena A

Reaching a Wider Audience Through Cross Genre Writing: Here Cheryl will show you how she successfully combined a fantasy novel with a knitting book and student work book to simultaneously reach out to readers, knitters and grade schools to gain a wider readership, larger revenue and more publishing opportunities. Learn how you can do the same with your writing.



Saturday 11:30AM – 1:20PM

Room: Athena B

The Back Story: Setting Up a World from Which to Write: Back story that creates suspension of disbelief is crucial to a larger body of work, such as a trilogy or series. In this workshop, explore how to set up a fantasy, fictional or historical fiction world.



Saturday 2:40 – 3:30PM

Room: Mylos A

Group Read & Critique: Attendees should bring their working drafts to class. The instructor will facilitate the opportunity for up to the first 20 students in class to read a portion of their work and receive feedback.




We hope to see you there!

For more information on how to be a part of this amazing conference CLICK HERE.


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