Labor Day Sale Inside Scoops!

Hi – this is Randi, the social media manager for DBNY and Potluck Yarn. I’ve only been working for DBNY and Potluck for a short time and have been having so much fun working online and getting all of the amazing deals to you. But one thing that you need to know about me is that I’m someone who is always curious, which is why I decided to do a bit of sleuthing around yesterday!

Everything is extremely busy in the warehouse due to the Labor Day Sale and because of that I was able to sneak in and get some photos!! Now keep in mind: this is not something that I undertook lightly as DBNY and the Potluck Shop are online-only stores, so no one who doesn’t work on, or ship, the yarn is allowed to go into the warehouse.

As you can see there are tons of yarns all ready to go for the sale!



And there are also tons of kits ready to ship out once the sale starts!



Because they and to make sure that there’s enough yarn for everyone, they’re working overtime making it!


I opened up the drying cabinets expecting to see nothing but saw these gorgeous shades!! I think I like the purplish yarn on the bottom left!


Ahhh now we’re getting somewhere! I managed to find the Goodie Bag boxes! Goodie Bags are given out to the first 200 customers and one Goodie Bag will have the special treat inside! More on that in a bit…


Loved these enough I was able to get a closeup!


The super-secret yarn!! That is what I was looking for! I’d heard a rumor that there was some super secret special yarn that they were holding back for the sale, and I found it! This yarn is a secret special that is going to pop up during the Labor Day Sale – when will it pop up? I have no idea!! That is why it’s so important to make sure that you continually check the Labor Day Sale site, even if you’ve all ready made a purchase, as thing will be changing regularly, or even hourly! (or so I’ve been told by my inside sources!)


Okay so this is what you guys need to look for if you’re lucky enough to be one of the first 200 people to make a purchase during the Labor Day Sale you will get a Good Bag – ONE lucky person is going to find a card just like this in the Goodie Bag. The person who is lucky enough to get this card? Gets everything that they have purchased during the Labor Day Sale FOR FREE! That’s right, FOR FREE!! I was told that one person who got this one year got over $300 worth of yarn FOR FREE!!


But how do you get this card? Like I said, you have to be one of the first 200 buyers in order to get a Goodie Bag – and during the Labor Day Sale things go fast. Like trying to buy the last piece of chocolate after a Weight Watcher’s meeting has gotten out, fast.

BUT there is one way to be ahead of the game and to make sure that your purchase just might be fast enough to get you a Goodie Bag (and therefore potentially a Get Out of Sale Free card…) by registering! The biggest mistake that customers make (or so my insiders tell me) is in not registering before the sale! The sale starts tomorrow morning, bright and early, at 8 AM EST, and there are going to be thousands of yarn lovers jumping on the site at the same time. Simply putting yarn in your cart doesn’t count! The sale has to actually be processed before you can be considered a buyer.

How long does it take you to register?

I know, for me, it takes a number of minutes to get all of my billing and shipping information into a website, and I can type at over 90 WPM! By registering first you are able to get that boring, frustrating, time-consuming task out of the way so that you can make your purchase as rapidly as possible!

It doesn’t mean that you have to make only one purchase – the Get Out of Sale Free card states that ANY purchases made during the sale will be completely paid for, so if, for instance you made a purchase at 8 AM, you could go back on later in the day, or the next day, or when you see an especially great sale deal, and could make another purchase. If your first purchase is one of the first 200 purchases, and you receive a Goodie Bag and are lucky enough to receive the Get Out of Sale free card, ANY PURCHASE that was made during the sale is considered paid for!

So GO REGISTER! Those few minutes you spend today could save you tons of money!

Want another free insider tip? Make sure you like the Facebook Pages for both DBNY and Potluck Yarn, and that you’ve liked the Twitter accounts for both DBNY and Potluck Yarn as I plan on making sure that my insider gets me a few special codes just for those fans!

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2 comments on “Labor Day Sale Inside Scoops!
  1. BeckyIA says:

    I’m so exicted! I LOVE the Labor Day Sale. I’ve gotten goodie bags the last two years and they are FABULOUS! I’ll be ordering bright and early tomorrow!

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