Largest River Trout in Vermont!

Many of you have been following the tale–fishtail that is–of Cherry Tree Hill’s Tim Marschke who caught a six pound brown trout in a stream behind his house two years ago. The trout is just now back from the taxidermist and we’d like to share our updates with you.

Tim’s trout is the largest on record ever caught in a stream. Much larger trout can be found in the lakes near by, because the water is deeper and food more plentiful. Trout like smelt and other smaller fish which are not usually found in shallow rivers. This fish was born and bred in the river, the taxidermist said, because you can tell by the way its fins developed, the wear on it’s body and what was found in its gullet.

When he cleaned the fish, Tim found a pork rib bone such as can be found in a rib appetizer at a Chinese Restauant. Surprising you say? Not to Tim who can see Ming’s House from his house directly across the stream everyone here calls the Barton River. Tim caught the trout on June 4, 2012 with a small fishing pole and line not rated to catch such a huge fish. The river had recently flooded and he discovered a pool in the stream caused by telephone poles that had been dislodged and floated down the river. The pool yielded a 3 pound trout which made the newspapers. Two weeks later he caught his monster trout in the same spot.

The taxidermist skinned the trout for Tim and he took the meat home and invited 11 friends over to dinner. Believe it or not, there was trout left over!



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