Lavish Lace Test Knitter’s Update: Rosebuds & Climbing Roses

Thanks to all of the test knitters who are creating the trunk show sample set for Lavish Lace. Test knitting is not as easy as it sounds and I have been emailing back and forth with many of the knitters concern color, gauge and pattern repeats. One especially difficult piece to size has been the Rosebuds and Climbing Roses Merino Lace Scarf, which until last night seemed to defy guage.

Thanks to Judy Z who has knit several test swatches, the garment is finally coming to fruition. I’ve enclosed her note and most recent test swatch to share with you!

Says Judy:

I love it when a yarn lets you know early on what it wants to be. With the Merino Lace, it wasn’t happy swatching on US 2’s or US 4’s (and it wasn’t reaching the suggested gauge, either). As soon as I started swatching on US 5’s, the fabric became light and sproingy and cushy. Such a lovely feel and even the stitch patterns were much more pleasant to knit. The gauge is now 5.77 stitches x 8.36 rows = 1”. To maintain the 13” width, there aren’t as many repeats of the stitch pattern, and the seed stitch and garter boarders are proportionally wider, but I like how it’s turning out. I’ll be adjusting the number of chart repeats to reach 56” and I think it’ll look great. The swatch on the top of the photo is with US 5’s and the swatch on the bottom is on US 2’s. (I even like how the colors look on the top swatch) Let me know If I should proceed or if you would like any other modifications.


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