Lavish Lace Tribute

lavish-lace-front Just yesterday I learned that my first book with Martingale, Lavish Lace–which I co-authored with Carol Noble–is being re-released. Carol passed away earlier this year, and when I got a pre production copy of the new edition of Lavish Lace, her written words filled me with inspiration all over again. Martingale has done a wonderful job with this edition of Lavish Lace, due out in February 2014. In its tribute to Carol Noble, Martingale writes:

But Carol’s true delight is easily revealed in the first line of her book Lavish Lace (co-authored with Cheryl Potter): “Lace knitting is my passion.” She made lace knitting accessible to thousands of knitters through her helpful instruction, and inspired thousands more with her beautiful, intricate designs. Carol championed lace knitting as a technique for the masses, writing, “I want to share this joy with all knitters. I want to open this same door for them so that they can see, as I did, that lace is for everyone. Throw out those preconceived ideas! Lace knitting is pure freedom.”

This is the absolute truth. This year we will have all of the garments re-knit in the same yarns and colorways as the original projects and they will tour the country in trunk shows as Carol would have wanted. All yarns and kits will be available from Cherry Tree Hill once again. Will there be a Lavish Lace II? We welcome your comments!

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