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Kendrick is Sierra Blue’s husband, and they have been married for nearly 20 years and have three children: Warren, 19, Skye, 17, and Garth, 15.

Potluck Yarn Chapter 1 Sket

When Sierra was no more than an apprentice at the Potluck, Kendrick appeared in her life, to woo her away from the dye pot and her destiny as Aubergine’s chosen successor. He seemed to arrive from nowhere and he was very persuasive.

Even before Tasman betrayed the Potluck, Sierra had decided to forsake her life as the next Potluck Queen and let Kendrick remove her to a remote area of the Middlelands, to raise fiber animals and children on an outpost in the mountains called Top Notch.

Over the years, Kendrick’s true identity and the circumstances of his introduction to Sierra have become suspect. Some of the Potluck Twelve–Aubergine and Lilac Lily in particular–believe he was deliberately placed in Sierra’s path in order to deter her from her fate. Who used him for this purpose, they do not know and it has always been a question mark in their minds.

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When The Broken Circle opens, Kendrick’s family lives in isolation along the Lavender Rill, a river that spills down from the Teardrop Dam in a farmhouse that Kendrick built himself and added on to over the years, as the children were born. Kendrick is deeply upset that their oldest son Warren has been conscripted by the Northland army, and he feels that their youngest son, Garth can never fill his brother’s shoes.

Kendrick is not a strong willed man, and often wears one of Sierra’s Potluck Hats for protection. She knit him a crystal dyed blue and green hat that keeps him serene and courageous whenever he wears it, which is all the time now.

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Kendrick has a private life shrouded in secrecy. For awhile, he has been disappearing to a moose hunting camp located above the farm. It is called the Sleep Out, and he used to lead hunting parties from there before the war. What he does there now is anybody’s guess. Some believe he is allied with the Dark Queen and uses his own sons as Lowland decoys. Still others believe that he not just a mercenary or traitor, but something worse.



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