Indigo Rose “The Past Season Gardener”

These days, Indigo Rose is a gardener who tends plants year round in the nursery below her cottage in the verdant foothills above the Banebridge Trading Post. She has no need of a green thumb, for she fertilizes her plants with ground crystal shards to grow fantastical fruits and flowers in her greenhouse out of season.

Indigo was born into a farming family of many children, and at an early age was expected to help tend the crops. Her older siblings worked tireless hours in the fields, raising fruits and vegetables that she and her mother sold from a buckboard wagon from a food stall in front of their farm and farmer’s markets throughout the Middlelands. Even as a young child Indigo showed peculiar promise, able to cultivate odd herbs and cross pollinate summer spices in small pots in sunny window sills in the farmhouse kitchen, even in winter.

Indigo’s talents combined with the fact that her family had many daughters but few sons to work the fields, afforded her opportunity to apprentice at the Potluck. There, she eagerly broke ground to cultivate a garden patch outside the summer kitchen, protected by a low stone wall. With its only access a gate from the alley which ran between Potluck Yarn and the pottery next door, the kitchen garden became Indigo’s private domain. In addition to raising the usual assortment of vegetables for Potluck dinners, she planted herbs, spices and unique medicinal hybrids of her own device. As time went on, she learned to cultivate dye plants, fantastical flowers and Glacier Weed as tobacco. There wasn’t anything she would not transplant and try to grow, no matter how unlikely.

At the potluck, Indigo grew especially fond of Esmeralde, although they tended to quarrel over the supposed properties of the mixtures of herbs and ground crystal tinctures they concocted. After the Twelve disbanded, Indigo journeyed back to Banebridge to build a small greenhouse of leaded glass that she might practice her lore regardless of season, while Esmeralde took to the road to peddle her wares. Their paths cross often and they spend time trading foodstuffs and crystal shards, scheming to reinvent the Circle of Twelve to their own liking.

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