Meet the Witches: RATTA


Ratta “The Fiery Haired Wench”

Ratta was a belligerent girl with wild red hair when the Twelve broke apart twenty years ago. Because she never fit in, the others perceived her as a trouble maker. No one tolerated her but Aubergine and Mamie Verde, her mistress. In the eyes of the apprentices, Ratta was a servant whose indenture was never completely fulfilled, for all know she has been a kitchen maid in Mamie’s household before coming to Potluck Yarn. Winter Wheat would burn holes in Ratta’s sleeves with her staff whenever Ratta claimed she could read Mamie’s mind. The others just laughed and hissed “kitchen wench” when she passed through the hallways.

After the circle sundered, Ratta sensed Mamie’s yearn to retire to her farmhouse in the village of Coventry. She was eager to abandon Bordertown and return home, for behind Mamie’s sprawling farmhouse sat her own neglected backwoods cabin. Wasting little time, Ratta packed their belongings, loaded Mamie and her chair into a buckboard wagon and left Potluck Yarn without a backward glance.

She has been caring for the senile old witch since. Twenty years la er, Ratta and Mamie share a unique kind of magic, based on their ability to communicate without words and a reverence for the old ways. Like Mamie, Ratta strictly adheres to ancient lore that others might discredit but would do well to heed. She believes the Guardians are real, present to save folk from themselves and help balance nature. Ratta can recount legends of the Crystal Caves that even Aubergine no longer remembers. Mamie harbors undisclosed secrets, and Ratta alone understands her.

Although in the past, others in the circle snubbed Ratta as servant in Mamie’s household, now they are curious to know what of the days of old she has gleaned from Mamie. Having never practiced the ancient ways or seen the inside of the Crystal Caves, Ratta may have good reason to be afraid, for she does not realize the power of the lost tale. Not knowing she holds the key to their survival, Ratta has yet to test the crystalline glacier waters.

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