Meet the Witches: SIERRA


“Second Sight Sierra”

Among the Twelve, Sierra was the most promising young witch and stood to inherit Aubergine’s legacy, but this never happened due to Tasman’s betrayal. Like all Northlanders, Sierra was tall and blond and all who encountered her noticed her flecked irises, like the far seeing eyes of a mountain lion. Calm and patient, she lay in wait watching those around her, watching her life go by, and anticipating her destiny. Nothing escaped her all-knowing glance.

Once a great beauty, Sierra is now a handsome woman filled with regret, who has never realized her potential. Over the years she has tried to make peace with the knowledge that her chance to rule the Twelve has come and gone. Sierra forsook the life of a dye mistress for farm and family. Her three children were born at the remote mountain homestead she and her husband Kendrick built called Lavender Fleece Farm at Top Notch, just below the violet waters of Tear Drop Lake. Their oldest son Warren is 19, daughter Skye 17, and youngest son Garth almost 15. The life they know is that of a fiber farm at the edge of the Lavender Rill which flows south from the Teardrop into River Runne, one day’s drive to Middlemarch, home of the World’s Fair.

Sierra’s ability to craft magically hued garments has never faded. She knits and felts them in a pot of crystalline dye bath simmering before the hearth in the dye shed. Shaded by dye crystals, such garments offer the wearer courage and confidence, an ability to pass unseen and power of persuasion.

Sierra’s troubled history began innocently. As an apprentice, she learned her lore quickly and easily. No other young witch was as skilled at the dye pot, or mastered her spinning or knitting as quickly. The yarn on her spindle never kinked, she finished her projects with tiny even stitches, and her garments sparkled with magical aura. She was so accomplished that others among the Twelve assumed she would assume Aubergine’s place one day. But upon meeting Tasman’s almost twin brother Kendrick, Sierra was instantly enchanted and forsook the Potluck for an imagined life of blissful farm and family.

Suddenly, it seemed that the hefty promise of Aubergine’s legacy would fall upon Tasman, who also held a singular talent. The other witches wondered if she had contrived Kendrick’s sudden appearance in Sierra’s life. They feared that she had placed him into Sierra’s path to cloud her vision, painting pretty pictures in her head, while his honeyed voice distracted her from her true destiny. As his version of a fairy tale life began to rule her like a spell, Tasman broke the circle, an impossible feat had Sierra not already been lured away.

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