Tasman “The Dark Queen”


At the beginning of The Broken Circle, Tasman who was once one of the Potluck apprentices rules the Lowlands. Twenty years ago she was second in line for Aubergine’s position as Potluck Queen.  Impatient to wait for her legacy, Tasman placed Kendrick in Sierra’s path, forever changing the course of Sierra’s life, but not her destiny. Eager to feel the full power of Aubergine’s amethyst necklace, she tried it on one day and found could not bear to take it off. After a struggle with Teal in which the necklace was broken, she fled in the night to the safety of the Lowlands.


Known as The Dark Queen, Tasman is raven haired with cold green eyes.  Her mother was from an out island beyond the fisheries of the Far East, but was brought north to the icy Out Crops by her Glacier Born father, Hed Maddig Hoar.  When she was born, it was determined that she carried an ember of First Folk Fire inside, but as she was a girl, it would never kindle.  Not wanting to waste even a vestige of magic, her family sent her south to Potluck Yarn.


There, Tasman mastered the art of shape shifting and soon could appear to be everywhere and nowhere. Very cleverly she assumed Sierra’s place as heir to the potluck.  Enchanting her brother Kendrick when he kindled, she made him an obstacle in the path of Sierra’s destiny. Forced to decide between the power of the potluck and the life of family and farm that she had always secretly dreamed of, Sierra chose Kendrick.


With no one to oppose her, Tasman became Aubergine’s protégé, and slowly began to bend all will to herself including natural law. She fooled even Aubergine who thought Tasman was studying her craft in order to maintain the natural balance of peace in all of the lands. Privy to Aubergine’s lore, Tasman secretly aligned herself with the Lowlanders.


She left in the night taking with her all that she could including Aubergine’s necklace, strung with twelve magic crystals. In the Lowlands, she honed her lore.  The four elements of Nature she treated harshly so much so that the land could no longer sustain food and the water evaporated except for the great salt lakes that stretch further than anyone can see at the tip of the southern Lowlands.


As time passed, she sent raiding parties further and further north into the Middlelands, until finally she burnt out the caves near the south end of the Northland Glacier, now known at The Burnt Holes in her quest for water and more.

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