Tracery Teal “The Green Fog”

Teal went up in green smoke at the hands of Tasman when she was just an apprentice witch at the Potluck over twenty years ago.  Since that time, she has been nothing but vaporous mist over the dyepot or green fog in fireplace, drifting unhappily about the ceilings of the vacant rooms, waiting for another witch to inherit her legacy that she may pass to the Land of Dreams.

She is an annoyance at the Potluck and the bane of Smokey Jo’s existence there.  To garner attention, Teal steals household items such as soup ladles and knitting needles and hides them in dark closets or on high shelves where Smokey Jo can’t reach.  Sometimes when Smokey or Aubergine opens the linen closet or dye cabinet, stray items such as hair pins, cutlery, tea leaves and oven mitts will rain down on their heads.

Like the other witches, Teal did have a singular talent, but was never able to practice her lore.  Before she was destroyed, Teal had developed an ability to disappear and travel—sometimes through time–whenever she donned a strange patchwork kimono created from the distinct combination of many crystal dyed yarns.  Aligning the patches together in a specific way allowed her control over the magical hourglass Aubergine used at simmers to mark time. In time, Teal found that she had the power to stop time when the crystals in the glass ran out.  She was just learning how to harness this talent when Tasman destroyed her.

When Tasman ran off with Aubergine’s crystal necklace, Teal witnessed the theft and flew after her determined to get it back. She struggled with Tasman and in the skirmish; a piece of one of the crystals broke away in Teal’s hand. Lashing out, Tasman scratched Teal with the jagged edge and Teal vaporized into mist.  Now only traces of Teal remain.

The broken crystal disappeared with Teal when Tasman fled south with the necklace. She has been looking for it for years, for without the circlet whole she has never been able to fully assert her power. Now the tale of the broken crystal and sundered necklace is nothing but an old yarn in the Middlelands, told around the fire at night.

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