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I hope you enjoyed the WCAX interview from Wednesday! I also answered a few more questions that were not aired – here are the questions and responses!

What inspired you to write a fantasy story involving knitting?

I love fantasy, I love kids, and I love knitting – and the three just came together in The Broken Circle. My previous books have been non- fiction, books about yarn and patterns involving knitting. The Broken Circle combines fantasy with knitting as craft and is aimed at kids of all ages, but specifically those kids who these days tend to spend a lot of time with ipads, laptops and the like. The Broken Circle allows them to step outside their world and into the fantasy life of knitting witches and fossick boys–many of them teenagers–who somehow have to figure out a way to save their world.

We can see this novel comes with other supporting books. What are they?

Each chapter of The Broken Circle features a magic garment, and the Companion Pattern Book, provides patterns for those garments – some of which I brought with me today. Ranging from beginner knitting to advanced knitting and featuring magical yarns which are handpainted right here in Vermont, the patterns are available as kits, and we run free group knit a-longs online for those who wish to join in. Fun activities for parents and kids.

Available as a free download, the Student Workbook is designed for teachers, librarians, parents or educators of any kind who would like to lead discussion groups based on the thought-provoking topics raised in the book. We’re hoping that as teachers become more familiar with the series, The Potluck Trilogy will become a popular summer or classroom read.

You mentioned that this is the first book of a trilogy. How expansive is the Potluck world?

The world is not enormous, but it has many layers. What we are trying to do here is engage kids creatively and invite them into a world that they can explore with their family and friends. On our website there are virtual maps they can immerse themselves in, YouTube videos, extra content they can browse–for example a look at the Broken Necklace no one can seem to find–plus a daily blog filled with back story and other fun stuff. Right now we are having a contest to name yarn colorways for Book Two of the Trilogy, which will be available next fall.

How do parents and kids find out about The Broken Circle?

Just go to our website: There parents and kids can have family fun immersing themselves in our world before or while reading the book. They can find out about planned events like book signings, trunk shows and extra things we’re doing specific to a wide group of readers. Readers who are knitters will love the work we’re doing with KnitCompanion. Kids who are readers are really going to enjoy our App coming out next year. Parents and teachers who are readers will love the critical reading, analytical reasoning and discussion prompts in the Student Workbook. In short, we have created an educational and entertaining experience for kids and their adults to enjoy together.

Where can we find the book, pattern book and student workbook?

The book can be gotten through our website or any of the traditional vendors. Print books and Pattern Books are available now, and the Student Workbook is a free download with any purchase. We also have Ebooks and single pattern downloads available and Kindle, Nook and Ibook formats are coming soon. The audio version of the novel will be available this fall. If you are an Amazon or Barnes and Noble buyer, you can order The Broken Circle and Companion Pattern Book there, too. In fact, I just found out yesterday that the Barnes and Noble right here in Burlington will be carrying the book, and I’m looking forward to arranging an event with them so I can meet some of today’s audience in person. Check our website out – new stuff is added daily – and as soon as an event is arranged, we will post it.

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