Name Our Shawl!

Shawl We were extremely excited to receive our first broadband design today!  Can you believe that this shawl was knit from just one hank? Board Band is a handpainted, shifting shade yarn that has color that shifts about every 60 feet. Created using the Cherry Tree Hill colorway Monet, on Supersock Silk based yarn, we find this design absolutely fantastic! Sorry guys – this yarn isn’t going to be available until the beginning of December (and hopefully we’ll have a few more designs before then), but while you can’t get the yarn yet, you CAN get the pattern for free!

How can you get it for free? By naming it!! This shawl pattern is desperately in need of a name, and we need help! You have until Monday November 4th at 6 PM to give us your best name for this pattern and then we’ll pick the best name – the winner will receive the pattern, in advance, for free!! Simply leave your best name as a comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

UPDATE: We have a winner!!! 

Congratulations to Kris Page for the name…


It’s a fantastic name and we all love it! Kris, please shoot us an email at with your contact information so we can get your pattern to you!

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16 comments on “Name Our Shawl!
  1. Michele Kenyon says:

    How about Lattice Garden!

  2. Catherine McClarey says:

    “Rainbow Light” – because it seems to include so many colors of the spectrum, and it looks so airy and light. (Hope this pattern comes in a crochet version – because I unfortunately do not knit.)

  3. Christiane St-Pierre says:

    Treillis – it resembles a garden treillis that would encourage flowered vines to grow up and through it

  4. Cathy says:

    Traffic Stopper

  5. BeckyIA says:

    Over the rainbow! Cuz that’s where I would be if I won this pattern! :-)

  6. Springtime It looks happy and bright like the first day of spring!

  7. Pam Chown says:

    “My best market shawl” as the edging reminds me of string shopping bags.

  8. Ann Kalinoski says:

    I would call it “Sunshine on the lake”

  9. Jolanta Swenson-Shea says:

    Water Lily Pond

  10. Jane says:

    Ladders & Tracks.

    The sideways stitching looks like ladders and there are tracks up through the middle. Lovely, by the way.

  11. Candice Rosenberg says:

    Holy Cowl!

  12. Gloria Sperry says:

    Witches like rainbows

  13. Anne says:

    Rainbow Sherbet

  14. Jan Chicka says:

    How about Giverny Lace?

  15. Sheri Karobonik says:


  16. Kris Paige says:

    Aurora Summeralis

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